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Welcome to the Home of Southern CT STARS Hockey


The objective of The Southern Connecticut Youth Hockey Organization 
is to provide a well-organized and supervised youth ice hockey program,
offering opportunities to children of all levels of skill and proficiency.


Miford Ice Arena COVID Update

Dear SCYH Families:

The Milford Health Inspector visited the rink on Friday 9/11/20. While they think we are doing a good job, the Health Department has directed the following changes to begin immediately:

  1. No locker room usage Monday through Friday.  All players should dress outside and can put their skates on in the stands if they choose. 
  2. No parents are to be allowed in the rink Monday through Friday.
  3. The snack bar is closed indefinitely (we were considering opening it for the basics, i.e. coffee, soda, chip bagels). 
  4. Additional mask, helmet and distancing signage to be put up around the rink.
  5. Notification to the MHD of any out of state team(s) playing in the rink in tournament play or for regular season games.

The significant items that affect the Stars the most, are numbers 1 & 2.  The MIA appreciates your anticipated cooperation as we begin enforcing these revised regulations.  Please inform your teams to make this transition easier for all.


Thank you.

Paul Shimko MIA

by posted 09/12/2020

To all,

In compliance with the governor’s office and our company’s procedures, Milford Ice is updating our regulations effective Monday, August 31.

For practices and scrimmages/games, we will now allow up to 50 players, coaches and/or referees plus one parent/guardian per player into the rink. We are also officially opening player’s benches, penalty boxes and the scorekeeper’s box. In addition, our locker rooms will be opened for players (showers are still closed). 

Locker room doors will remain open during a game and after cleaning and will only be closed while the players dress and undress.  We encourage the coaches to limit their post-game talks as we need to get players and parents in and out of the building quickly to continue to allow for 10 minute practice and game start times. The locker rooms will be disinfected after every usage. Teams are encouraged to get on the ice as soon as the Zamboni door closes.  

Players and coaches will be allowed into the arena 20 minutes prior to their practice/game time start. They must go directly to their locker room and dress. If players cannot dress themselves, then it should be done in the parking lot. Coaches should either tie the players skates if they cannot or the parent should do it prior to coming into the rink. Parents will NOT be allowed into the rink until the parents from the previous practice/game have exited the building. Parents must go into the stands and will not be able to walk around the building, go into the locker rooms or stand on the glass. This is being done because we want to limit cleaning locations. Once the event starts, the rink doors will be locked and parents will not be allowed to go in and out of the building.

We will continue to strictly enforce temperature checks, social distancing and the wearing of masks. Everyone must wear a mask when inside the building. Players can remove their mask when they put their helmet on in the locker room. Their helmet should not be removed until they are back in the locker room and can put their mask back on. Coaches need to wear a mask at all times even when on the ice or bench.

We also expect to turn Live Barn on once games begin. This will provide the state with additional evidence of compliance. Please share this your coaches and parents.

Thank you for your help and understanding and we look forward to a great Fall season.


Milford Ice

by posted 09/07/2020
Parent Conduct

Keeping it real


With the start of 2020-2021 hockey season to begin soon, the SCYH BOD would like to welcome everyone back and wish you a safe and fun experience. The season can seem like a long stretch at times and over the course of the next several months, there will be occasions when emotions can run high.

If there comes a time during the season where you need to voice a concern, please remember that all inquiries must begin with the team coach. If the coach (or the coaching staff) can not resolve the issue, the coach will then initiate communication with the appropriate person on the BOD.

Please remember, if the BOD is not aware of a problem, it can not be addressed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and remember:

This is the time in the kids lives to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Please do not be the parent this sign was made for!

If you have not already done so, please visit the Milford Ice Arena (MIA) Website and fill out the MIA waiver. Also please be sure to become familiar with the new MIA COVID protocols.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to seeing you around the rink.

by posted 08/10/2020
Full Clear Shield vs Cage

Full Clear Shield



As together we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, USA Hockey has been asked if wearing a helmet with a full clear shield is better than a visor (half shield) or cage. In addition, many are asking about players wearing a face mask to cover their mouth/nose while practicing or in games. Below is information that we hope is helpful.

 HELMETS -- FULL CLEAR SHIELD vs. HALF SHIELD OR CAGE There is no scientific proof that a full clear shield on a hockey helmet provides better protection against infectious diseases compared to a visor (half shield) or cage.

 That said, a full clear shield is likely better than a visor (half shield) or cage:

1. Can act as a barrier in case someone in close proximity coughs or sneezes

2. May be a deterrent to decrease touch of the face (vs. cages where players stick their fingers through the cage)

3. Likely to prevent spitting on the ice/bench (should be enforced regardless)
 It should be noted that a full clear shield will not prevent the inhalation of aerosolized droplets.
 And it is important that regardless of what kind of mask a player wears that it be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

 A cloth mask protects the wearer's nose and mouth from contact with droplets and may protect others by reducing exposure to the saliva and respiratory secretions of the mask wearer. This is especially important if someone is infected but does not have symptoms.    Players should wear cloth masks at all times, except while playing. Coaches and other support personnel should wear cloth masks at all times.   Wearing a cloth mask during high intensity aerobic activity is not recommended by the CDC and WHO. 

by posted 08/02/2020

by SCYH BOD posted 02/05/2020
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by posted 07/14/2019
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